If you have this message on your TV screen please follow the steps bellow:

  1. Please check your connection to the internet.
  2. Make sure you have connected properly your STB device with the Internet and TV receiver. Check the LAN cable with internet router and also HDMI cable with your TV.
  3. Please kindly restart your Internet Router.
  4. Also restart your STB device. Unplug the electrical cable from your STB. Than plug in the cable again in your STB and wait for restart.
  5. If all these steps don’t help - contact your provider and tell him your STB MAC address.

When you start your STB device (MAG model) make sure you have connected your TV via HDMI with the STB. Don’t connect your device to the internet.

  1. After start you will see this picture on your screen.

  2. When your STB starts you will see INNER menu (portal).

  3. Via STB remote control go to SETTING section and press "OK"

  4. After you are in SETTINGS you have to choose option “SYSTEM SETTINGS”. Press again "OK".

  5. After that choose option “SERVERS” and again press OK.

  6. After Servers go to PORTALS and again press OK.

  7. Choose PORTAL URL 1 and via the keyboard of the remote control add OUR portal URL.

  8. You could start Keyboard from your STB via KB button: 

  9. You will receive our portal URL after providing us your MAC code of your STB.

  10. Always MAC code of STB MAG models starts with 00:1a:79:*****. See pic bellow:

  11. When you write our URL press OK and your device will save it.

  12. The last step is going back with the MENU button to SYSTEM SETTINGS. Chose option RESTART PORTAL.

1. Your Tv is Normal HD --- 1080i-50

2.Your Tv is FULL HD ----    1080p-50

3.24/50/60 HZ