Our service works with MAG set top boxes. We support almost every model with Stalker software. Most famous models MAG STB’s are 250,254,256,322.

Currently we provide very competitive Scandinavian content for our end users. This is achieved through ownership of the source, thus we don’t use any 3rd party suppliers for our Scandinavian content. Our quality allows us to keep all channels live and without any problems via specially developed check-in software. If a particular channel experiences disruption or has another problem (lack, interruption freezing etc.), we can react within 15 minutes and resolve it. In addition, if some of our channels go down, you also can inform us via our live chat or email and we will react immediately.

We offer 3 different packages (Bronze, Silver and Gold). The Silver package includes an STB MAG model with a 6-month subscription.

Scandinavian IPTV packet includes one of the most important local channels (DR1,2,3,DR K, TV2, 3channels, Kanal4&5, 6eren, Suomi channels, YLE, C More, Nelonen, Sub, Jim, NRK, C More, TV2,3,6, TV2 Zebra, Tv Norge, More channels, Eurosport, History channels, Discovery channels, National Geographic channels, some music channels and of course several kids channels).

We know that some of our clients do not have good internet connection so we maintain 3 different types of channel quality. Our channels are separated as follows: Low quality, Standard definition (SD) and High quality (HD). The minimum requirement for watching our service is 3mbps for slow connection and approximately 10mbps for HD channels.

In addition, if you are interested in our service, you can provide us with the MAC code of your STB and we will provide you with a 24-hours free demo. During the 24 hours you easily could test our quality and make your final decision.

Looking for a good german IPTV Provider. You are at the right place!

We are available on our live chat 24/7. Don’t hesitate to contact us because we are sure you will make the right choice by picking us for your provider. Because we have it and we can.