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Globaltivi is an IP TV company operating on the market since 2012.

Cheap IPTV from GlobalTiVi UK

We offer cheap IPTV London with no worries!

We have an IPTV platform which currently provides service to 17000+ happy client over 40 countries.

Over the years we have upgraded our platform and created a stable and reliable service with more than 2000+ channels on 17 different languages. We offer FREE sport passes to lot of Pay per view Sport events. Channels are available in 3 different qualities (low, SD and HD). 500+ channels have 7 days catch up (Time shift). Our service also includes a rich Video On Demand (VOD) platform with 5000+ movies and TV series. Our VOD service is updated every week.

Globaltivi offers also 24 hours free trial and 24/7 free customer support. All clients can enquire via email as well and receive timely feedback.

Our experience and testimonials have proven we provide excellent quality at a very competitive price. Try us and see for yourself. Because we HAVE it and we CAN.

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